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The 5th International Fair of Packaging Technology and Packaging is a specialist industry event taking place at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the Largest Exhibition and Congress Center in Central Europe. Aiming to bring together all branches of the packaging industry and create favorable conditions for professional business contacts.

During this edition, we systematized our exhibitors in dedicated zones. The event will be enriched with various types of trainings and conferences as well as the Program Council we created, to which we invited industry leaders and key Chambers and Institutions to have a real impact on the creation and development of Warsaw Pack.

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The thematic zones of Warsaw Pack 2020

  • Packaging areaSubtitle

    Products intended for storage, protection, transport, delivery or presentation of all products, from raw materials to processed goods. Packaging can be used in any industry

    During the event, we will present the distribution of packaging, subzones:

    • cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging
    • food packaging
    • industrial packaging

    Among them we will find:

    • Glass packaging
    • bottles, vials, jars, decorative packaging

    Metal packaging

    • cans, boxes, tubes, lids, screw caps, canisters

    Paper and cardboard packaging

    • bags, cartons, boxes, trays, wrapping paper

    Wooden packaging

    • crates, pallets, containers, barrels, baskets, boxes

    Plastic packaging

    bottles, caps, dispensers, crates, pallets, box pallets

  • Packaging technique zoneSubtitle

    Presentation of various packaging systems in which different materials are used: paper, cardboard, glass, plastics. Machines can generally be divided into:

    • wrapping machines;
    • filling machines;
    • weighing and dosing machines;
    • closing machines;
    • multi-functional machines;
    • production lines

    We also divide packaging systems by application function:

    • packaging forming
    • preparing and serving previously formed packaging
    • dosing of products into unit packets
    • wrapping products and packaging
    • closing packages
    • grouping of individual packages and forming collective packages and additional functions
  • Label, labeling and printing areaSubtitle

    The label has many uses: marketing, information, serve as a label, trademark, product description to identify it or determine its content, etc. can be printed, stamped, reflected or attached to the packaging.

    The labels have different shapes and differ in the material from which they are made. Manufactured by industrial methods also differ in the printing technique in which they were made.

    Labeling and marking devices and systems:

    • Printers of labels and packaging materials
    • Roll label printers
    • Printers of labels arranged in boxes, blisters and cards
    • Other printers for packaging materials
    • Software for designing and printing labels

    Labeling machines:

    • Adhesive label machines
    • Water labeling machines
    • Weighing and marking systems
    • Other devices and labeling machines

    Marking devices:

    • Ink systems
    • Laser marking systems
    • Thermal transfer printing systems
    • Embossing marking systems
    • Electronic printing equipment
    • Other labeling systems
  • Logistics and storage zoneSubtitle

    The warehouse is one of the key links in the production plant. The purpose of warehouse logistics is to increase and improve the flow of materials, information and support of production processes. We will get to know transport within a warehouse such as

    • forklifts, platforms, forklifts, automatic, high stackers
    • palletizers, manipulators
    • belt conveyors
    • winches, gantries, stackers
    • warehouse works

    Warehouse shelves

    • static
    • sliding
    • automatic
    • Palette
    • height

    Storage systems and software

  • Automation and Robotics ZoneSubtitle

    This is a very important, forward-looking and innovative sector in the field of packaging. Robots, services and systems in the field of automation and industrial robotics will be presented, i.e.

    • Mobile robots
    • Laser navigation systems
    • Vision systems
    • Control Systems
    • Industrial identification systems
    • Drives </ li>
  • E-commerceSubtitle

    E-commerce is a growth channel. The value of the Polish online commerce market will reach 70 billion by 2020. The development of this industry will result in increased needs for automating parcels, packing, demand for materials, boxes, labels, fillers and software.

    The subject of our zone is focused on:

    • machines
    • materials
    • packages </ i>
    • labels
    • strip
    • fillers
    • automation
    • software

You will get to the fair

By car

The Ptak Warsaw Expo is located directly on the S8 route towards Katowice - the Paszków exit. Journey from around Okęcie airport will take about 10 minutes, and from the center of Warsaw - 15 minutes. Parking will not be a problem, our center has 15,000 parking spaces!

By city bus

Buses 703, 711 run from the Krakowska P + R depot to the "Paszków" stop, bus 733 to the "Centrum Mody" stop. Attention! "Paszków Stop" and "Fashion Center" are located in the second ticket zone. Tickets can be purchased at most kiosks, ticket vending machines and buses.

By train

At the Dworzec Centralny stop, take tram number 7 or 9, direction Krakowska P + R. At the last stop - Krakowska P + R, change to buses 703.711 (destination stop: "Paszków") or 733 (destination stop: "Fashion Center").

Free bus

During the fair, there will be free buses from the Central Station and the Airport. Frederic Chopin.

Warsaw Pack

Get answers to frequently asked questions

The fair takes place in Ptak Warsaw Expo, Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, 114D Wolica*

Tickets will be available on-line and on-site at the reception during the Warsaw Pack. All persons who register online or at the trade fair office will receive a free admission ticket.

The invitation is for information only and does not authorize you to enter the fair. You need to register or purchase a ticket.

Admission for children is not recommended. However, if you want your child to accompany you during the fair, buy a ticket for the day. Admission to the fair for children under 12 is free.

Na targi można dotrzeć samochodem lub bezpłatnymi shuttle busami dojeżdżającymi do Ptak Warsaw Expo z centrum Warszawy oraz Lotniska Chopina.

For the convenience of our guests, parking is free.

Yes, there will be food outlets at the fair.

Yes. There are cloakrooms in the halls and you will be able to leave a small suitcase in them.