MILCOM a. s.


Opis Wystawcy
MILCOM a. s., the supplier of the flexible packages and filling machines for your products.

The pouches are made from multilayer films. MILCOM a. s. specialty is stand up pouches equipped with spout and cap. Spout pouches found its use in a wide range of products from baby products (fruit and vegetable baby formulas) to children products (fruit puree, dairy products, and desserts, ice cream) and adult products (snacks, power gels, special nutrition) and many other uses like mayonnaise, ketchup, and other cooking sauces. Also, special medical nutrition requires UHT treatment is packed in MILCOM a. s. pouches.

Stand up pouches have many advantages, e. g. strength, simplicity, low weight, and volume for transport, high added volume products, extra space for advertising.

Every pouch can be made on a request – with customized design, with an application of different layers.

New packaging style. Make your product visible and attractive.