Indus Integrated Bulk Logistics BV


Opis Wystawcy
Indus Integrated Bulk Logistics from The Netherlands will present their innovative solution (Indus Neva) for the storage, handling and discharge of Big Bags at the Warsaw Pack 2020. After having the necessary experience on the implementation of their Big Bag solution Indus decided to participate on this event for showing their Big Bag Handling Solution to other interested parties.

Reduced storage space
Due to the stackability of the Indus Neva systems (max. 4 high x 1.500 kg.) it enables to reduce the storage space in the warehouse of Big Bags with processed and unprocessed seeds.

Secured internal and external transport
The base part of the Indus Neva is bowl-shaped. The bottom of the Big Bags will therefore adapt the shape of the bottom part and will (also by the fixation of the lifting loops) be secured for internal and external transport.