BFM Global LTD. (New Zealand)


Opis Wystawcy
BFM® Global manufactures a range of patented and protected (2006) BFM® connectors, BFM® spigots, BFM® covers, BFM® blanking caps and BFM® blanking socks that help transform the traditional manufacturing environment. Available in a variety of materials for a huge range of applications, BFM®’s most popular Seeflex connectors are 3A approved, and conform with FDA, EC and ATEX regulations.
FM® connectors are trusted by many of the world’s largest chemical, food, mineral and pharmaceutical companies. Including AkzoNobel, Bayer, Danone, Dupont, General Mills, GSK, Nestlé, Orica, and Pfizer. Keeping their manufacturing facilities dust-free, reducing downtime and improving health and safety.