Thematic zones

Packages and Containers zone

Products for storage, protection, transport, delivery or exhibition of any products – from raw materials to processed goods. Packages and containers have an application in every industry.
During the event, we will present packages and containers divided into the following sub-zones:

  • cosmetic and pharmaceutical packages and containers
  • food packages and containers
  • industrial packages and containers

Among those, we will find:
Glass containers (bottles, vials, jars, decorative containers)
Metal containers (cans, boxes, tubes, covers, screw caps, canisters)
Paper and cardboard packages (bags, cardboard boxes, boxes, trays, packing paper)
Wooden containers (crates, pallets, chip baskets, barrels, baskets, boxes)
Plastic containers (bottles, screw caps, feeders, crates, pallets, pallet cases)

Labels, Labelling and Printing zone

Labels have multiple applications: marketing, informational, can serve as tags, trademarks, product description for the purposes of identification or determination of its contents, etc.; they may be printed, stamped, impressed or enclosed with the package.
Labels have various shapes and differ in the material of which they are made. Those manufactured industrially also differ in the printing techniques in which they have been made.
Labelling and tagging devices and systems:

  • Label and packaging material printers
  • Roll-fed label printers
  • Printers for labels in boxes, blisters and cards
  • Other packaging material printers
  • Software for designing and printing labels

Labelling machinery:

  • Glue label machinery
  • Water label machinery
  • Weighing and marking systems
  • Other labelling devices and machinery

Marking devices:

  • Inkjet systems
  • Laser marking systems
  • Thermal transfer printing systems
  • Press marking systems
  • Other marking systems

Service zone

Activities undertaken in order to provide specific benefits or to satisfy the needs of the packaging industry:

  • Consulting services
  • Training courses
  • Leasing, financing, renting
  • Insurance
  • Package design
  • Package testing

Automation and Robotics zone

This is a very important, promising and innovative packaging field. Robots, services and systems from the field of industrial automatics and robotics will be exhibited, i.e.:

  • Mobile robots
  • Laser navigation systems
  • Vision systems
  • Control systems
  • Industrial identification systems
  • Drives

Display zone

Advertising displays and stands are among the most popular POS (point of sale) materials that can be used to exhibit any type of product. They are visually attractive while also being very functional; they are a frequently chosen type of advertising, particularly in large chain shops. Displays are most commonly used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Individual models can vary in size, arrangement, shelf layout or inclination angle.

  • cardboard stands
  • metal stands
  • wooden stands
  • glass stands

Recycling zone

The process of reuse of waste, in which used products are returned as secondary raw materials to be reprocessed into new products. Recycling of packages and packaging materials plays an important role in the recovery of metals, glass, waste paper and some plastics.

  • Sorting machines in package recycling
  • Shredders in package recycling
  • Presses in package recycling
  • Waste sorting systems
  • Other machinery and devices for package recycling
  • Machinery, devices and lines for package recovery
  • Solutions
  • Recovery systems
  • Recovery companies and organisations

Logistics and Storage zone

The warehouse is one of the key elements of a production plant. Warehouse logistics aims to increase and improve the flow of material and information, as well as to support the manufacturing processes. We will learn about internal warehouse transport, such as:

  • forklifts, platform cars, lift trucks, automated lift trucks, high lift trucks
  • palletisers, manipulators
  • band conveyors
  • hoisting winches, overhead cranes, piling machines
  • warehouse robots

Warehouse racks:

    • static racks
    • mobile racks
    • automated


  • pallet racks
  • high bay racks

Warehouse systems and software

Packaging Technique zone

Presentation of diverse packaging systems that use various materials: paper, cardboard, glass, plastic. The machines can generally be divided into:

  • wrapping machinery;
  • filling machinery;
  • weighing and dispensing machinery;
  • closing machinery;
  • multi-purpose automatic machinery;
  • production lines

Packaging systems can also be divided by their function and application:

  • package forming
  • preparation and dispensing of previously formed packages
  • dispensing of products into consumer packages
  • wrapping of products and packages
  • package closing
  • grouping of consumer packages and forming of omnibus packages and additional functions

Materials zone

A very important element of package manufacture are the resources we use. One should pay particular attention when purchasing material, as only good material ensures proper quality of the product that conforms to its specification. Proper standards of the material supplied translate into the appearance and durability of the package. There is a whole range of raw materials and machines necessary for the packaging industry:

  • paper and cardboard packaging materials
  • plastic packaging materials
  • metal packaging materials
  • glass packaging materials
  • other packaging materials
  • raw materials for the manufacture of advertising stands
  • glues
  • tapes
  • granulated products
  • machinery for cutting and preforming laminates, foils, tapes and paper
  • injection moulders
  • extruders, blow moulders and extrusion blow moulding machinery
  • filling material machinery
  • packaging material dispensers (for PVC, PE, PS, OPS and other foils)


E-commerce channel increases. The value of the Polish online trade will reach 70 billion by 2020. The result of the development of this industry will be increased needs for the automation of shipments, their packaging, the need for materials, boxes, labels, fillers and software.

The theme of our zone focuses on:

  • machines
  • materials
  • packs
  • labels
  • tapes
  • fillers
  • automation
  • software